Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Tracking an email to know if the sent Email has been opened and viewed is of a lot use in conditions where you need to be sure that your sent email is successfully viewed by recipient. When you send an Email with important information contained in it and want to know when the recipient has viewed this trick can help you a lot. You can also use the HTML scripts to sent within email to know the status of email being viewed but if you aren't geeky type then the below procedure may help you a lot. This post tells you the procedure to know the status of sent email before the recipient replies to you.
As in other email service like Microsoft Outlook this feature is present by default but a lot Gmail users are deprived of it. Thus for knowing the status of email has been opened by recipient in Gmail you need to use the RightInbox which is an extension for browser. This extension works for your Gmail account and informs you that your sent email has been opened by the recipient.

NOTE : Right inbox is an extension available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

Steps to use RightBox Extension

1. Click on install now on download page and install the Extension in your browser.
      Click here for RightInbox download page

2. After the extension is installed into your browser just login into your gmail account.

3. Click on continue if it asks for the permission for access into your gmail account.

4. When the RightInbox is setup with your gmail account just goto compose in your gmail.

5. Check on Track button before writing and sending the email.

6. You are done. RightInbox will track your email and notify you via email when your sent email has been opened by the recipient.
Right inbox will tell you the location, ip and name of the recipient when your email has been opened.

Additional features about Right Inbox :

With Right inbox you can also schedule your email and it will be sent when you choose the time for it.

You can set a future send date for your emails. Right Inbox will automatically send your emails specified time. No need to be the one who takes care of sending at specific times.

You are free to choose any date and time for your messages to be delivered. Do you prefer your emails to be send the first thing in the morning? Automatic send is at your disposal.

RightInbox is a very good utility and is trusted and completely safe for your Gmail account. It helps in adding extra feature of tracking and scheduling your email and can be of great use while sending your most important emails. You can give your review about this software via comments below.


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